July 20th, 2007

dashing, brave

The Heart of Dis-ease, Card 3: Overburdened

Today I’ve pulled cards for the third position of the spread “The Heart of Dis-ease”; a spread by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for the Healing Heart. The question was: What illness or symptoms do you have that keep repeating themselves? What do you gain when you are ill? The card that I received was Ten of Wands. 


There is not much joy in this peasant woman, carrying wood on her back, and a cradle in het arms. She has a heavy burden to carry. The symptoms that repeat itself, is that I feel overburdened. I work too hard, I often feel a heavy a responsibility to do all things very well, and sometimes I assume responsibility were I do not have it (summing up all my sins now). My muscles and tendrons are very soon tensed and strained by this. That is a revolving door. What I gain by being ill is that I must stop. I must take a break when my arms hurt badly. Illness in that sense means much needed rest. This card is related to the first card –every card must relate to the first one- because it shows that I need the breaks that are depicted on card one.

On a positive note, I finished the paper about tarot and complementary healthcare I must deliver at the end of the summer. Working on it did wear me out too much, happily.