July 21st, 2007

note to self

The Heart of Dis-ease, Card Four: Fibro

It is too late to blog now to be honest. Already this morning I have pulled my card, but tomorrow we are going away, so many chores had to be done.

The card that I pulled was for position four from the spread by Christine Jette, The Heart of Dis-ease: Listening to the Message. This position is called: “Seeking the Healing Cycle”. The question that belongs to it is the following: what types of losses (due to illness) make you want to seek the healing cycle?

The card that I have pulled is Eight of Pentacles from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


All what I feel is pain in the muscles of my arms looking at this card. What I have lost is the ability of doing this kind of precise perfectionist work, and what hinders me are my hurting arms. That is what I seek the healing cycle for. I have pulled this card not long ago to the question: "How can my soul be cruelly treated?" By working too hard, too perfectionist I treat my soul cruelly.

This card is related to card one, in that I need breaks, and I need relaxation in order for me and my arms to heal. 

Hmm. I am repeating myself here.