July 25th, 2007


Harvest Home, Card 2: Rumpelstiltskin

Today I’ve read the card for position three from the spread “Harvest Home” for Lammas by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for all Seasons. The position is about work and is called: "Career: Attitudes about Work". The question is: "Are you are following your heart’s desire, or just surviving?" The card that I have pulled is Queen of Swords. Rumpelstiltskin is the fairytale that is attributed to this card; the card bears its title. 


The story is about a girl whose father bragged to the king that she could spin gold from straw. The king imprisoned her and threatened to kill her if she did not succeeded to to this. A little man helped her with magic. In return she gave him all her jewelry and her firstborn child when it was born. When this child was born the little man came to take the child from her. They made the bargain that she could keep it if she managed to find out his name. She succeeded to find his name, and she could keep the child. His name was Rumpelstilskin. 

The story is attributed to the card because in the end the girl has power over the little man, because she had knows his name. And this indicates that she has power and control over her life as well. The One of the teachings of the card is that you can start as a victim and end as a winner.

Hmm, I wonder where I am in the story. Am I the girl spinning gold from straw, being helped by the little wicked man? Am I the queen having guessed right the name of my magical little helper, and in control over the helper? The tarot could be seen as my helper. It has been helpful and magical in giving my life a new start. Does it control me, because of the workload, or do I have it in control? Anyway it is a danger that it spins out of control.

An interesting card.
juwelenkist, vanitas

Harvest Home, Card 3: Finances

Today I have pulled the card for position three: "Finances, Attitudes About Money" from the spread Harvest Home, by Christine Jette, a spread for Lammas, the feast of the first harvest. The card shows attitudes about money: if it is allowed to flow freely, or if it is blocked.

The card that I have received for this position is Temperance from the Fairytale Tarot. 


The story that accompagnies the card is Water and Salt. The story is about king and three daughters. I won’t tell the story. The essence is that one of them values water and salt, modest but important food: water makes the meals less dry, and salt makes food tast better.

I cannot earn a living with my tarot-work, although I work hard, but my prices are reasonable, not too high so people cannot afford it, and not too low, that it looks if it is not worthwhile. For me my earnings from my work with the tarot are water and salt. Modest, but indispensable, without it I would feel exploited.
the letter M


For the first time the weather was sunny and warm since the beginning of our vacation. This morning we went to a swimmingpool In the afternoon we brought our daughter to her opera workshop and went for a walk on the borders of the Vecht, starting and ending with a cup of coffee at a romantic coffeehouse near the river. 


We thought about a name for my husbands'  bureau for spirituality and society. That was fun, but we did not find one.  

If I would want a name for my practice I think I would choose Brigid, or a variant of this name. Brigid is a goddess of divination, who spans pagananism and christianity. But then, there is also the Bridget Jones diary. I don't know if that is the right association for my practice, but Brigid and Briget make an interesting couple.