July 26th, 2007

pink rose

Harvest Home, Card 4: Thumbelina and Jerry Macquire

Today I have pulled the card for position four of Harvest Home, a spread in honour of Lammas, the first harvest. The card for this position descibes feelings of connectedness and with others. It shows how to let your guard down to share with others.

The card that I have pulled is Two of Cups from the Fairytale Tarot, called Thumbelina. 


Thumbelina is a girl as small as a thumb, born from a tulip. One day she is abducted by an ugly old toad, who wanted her to marry his son. She escapes with the help of a fish, who felt sorry for her. she makes many friends in order to survive. Each one is different, but no true love although she, almost marries to one, just to stay alive. It is a long story. At the end of the tale she is taken by her consent to India by a swallow, where he puts her in a flower. In the flower next to Thumbelina she finds a man, a flower spirit, different from her because he is a spirit, but also the same, because he is as small as herself. With this man she finds true love.

I do not have many words about this card. Probably because I just saw a romantic movie (Jerry Macquire). I like the card. Very romantic.