July 27th, 2007

bed by semyaza

Harvest Home, Card 5: Health

The card that I have pulled today is again from the Harvest Home spread by Christine Jette, in honour of Lammas, the feast of the first harvest that is to be held on August 1. I have pulled position 5, which is about Health and Healing. The card shows you take care of your body and nurture yourself. It could also be describing an area that is out of balance, and needs full attention.

I have pulled Nine of Swords, themed after the Little Mermaid. 


This card made me ponder all day. Recently I have done many spreads about my health, and struggled with health issues, but this card and its subject was a surprise. However… last week I pulled a Ten of Swords, also a desperate and a melodramatic card.

The story of the Little Mermaid is about sacrifices, loss and pain. The little mermaid, who has a lovely voice, loves a prince so much that she sacrifices her voice by giving it to a witch (the Gorgonlike figure on the card). The witch makes her human, but walking on her feet hurts as if she walks on knives. And sadly, her prince marries not her but another.

So what is this card telling me? Maybe that I worry about my health too much, making my worry almost melodramatic, symbolized on the card by the scary witch in front of the little mermaid. In another take the card tells me I am thinking wrongly that I need to sacrifice the things I like, as working late (for instance on my blog) in order to stay healthy. A third interpretation could be that I view illness and limitations as the witch on the card who demands sacrifices of me (which are the limitations itself), but I do not know for what I sacrifice them - in my worst thought as a as a punishment, or else as a task or lesson. In fact in all the interpretations is a bit of truth, but the first and the second hold the most truth. 

Anyhow, I feel trapped in my health issues; I do not feel I make any progress with them by living healthier (the homeopathic remedies helped though, for which I am grateful).