July 29th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Reaping the Harvest

Yesterday I pulled Death in my Lammas spread, as the card that showed what I had reaped. Reaping is harvesting, but reaping also denotes the cutting that goes along with harvesting. I forgot about it, but death is often called the Grim Reaper. 


Reaping associated with the Death card in the tarot, means big life transitions, involving leaving ways of being or doing, or cutting away old behavior patterns. Funny to have pulled a card that depicts the Grim Reaper as the card for what I reap.

by Tangerine icons, Amanda Hall

Harvest Home, Card 6: Transition or Trial

Today I have pulled the last card in the Lammas spread by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for all Seasons. The posistion is called Fruition and depicts achievements, maturation, satisfaction and success. Things that are right; things to be thankful for. If it is a challenging card, the card reveals a an opportunity for growth.

The card that came on the table was Six of Swords from the Fairytale Tarot, called “The Six Swans”. 


This fairytale is about a girl and six brothers, children of a king. The brothers are enchanted and changed in swans, by theirs stephmother the queeen. Their sister saves her brothers by going to a big ordeal. She had to sew six shirts from star flowers, staying silent all until they were finished. She married the king, who met her in the wood, looking for star flowers. The children that were born to her, were stolen by the mother of the king and the girl got the blame, but could not protest, because she had to stay silent. She was thrown into prison. In prison and even on the stake on which she would be burned she continued to saw the shirts. Just before they bound her to to the stake, the shirts were finished well enough to change the brothers. The six swans came, the girl threw the shirts over them and they were humans again.

I have pulled this card two times more during the past few moths, but in other versions (June 2, May 26).  In the versions of this card I pulled, boats were depicted with passengers whom are taken to another shore, or to a safe harbour. Often the card resembled fear to me. I feared that the boat would sink in full sea and that I was not able to reach a safe harbour. Looking back at the last few months, it was not an easy time for me. It is much better now, although I do not have the feeling I am totally out of the woods. 

How to interpret this card as my first harvest?

On the one hand, in the version of the Six of Swords from the Fairytale Tarot the accent is on an ‘experience of hardship’ and ‘going through an ordeal’ in order to become better through it. Since I do not feel I am really out of my period of ordeal, the card could be trying to encourage me showing an opportunity for growth. “Keep on going” it says, in its own silent six-of-swords way.

On the other hand, Six of Swords is a card of transition. It is often associated with Death, because the boat is going to another shore, and Death is also a card of transition. Yesterday I received the Death card as the card that showed what I reap this Lammas. I was a card that I did not expect. So this is the second card that depicts a transition. This Six of Card could mean the same as the Death card yesterday, namely that there is more change than I am aware of.