August 4th, 2007

Lady Bosch

The Sword and the Leper: My Cruelty (the Chieftain)

Yesterday I pulled Three of Quills (Three of Swords) from the Tarot of Jane Austen, but I did not interpret the card. My question was about the chieftain in the story “The Sword and the Leper”, about Brigid. This chieftain, the father of Brigid, wanted to sell his her, because she gave each day as much food to the poor and the sick as she could carry. I asked: Who is the chieftain in me who wants to sell his generous daughter? 


Three of Quills, the card that I pulled, pictures Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice reading a letter from Caroline Bingley. Tears are streaming from her eyes. Jane thinks Charles Bingley, the man she loves, does not love her. The card is about unfulfilled desire and lost love. To me this means that feelings of loss, sorrow and lack make me cruel and ungenerous. These feelings give me a harsh attitude and make me do cruel things, like the chieftain does.

Now I have pulled the card I am aware of it, but I was not before.