September 15th, 2007

bruiloft te Kana

Sachertorte, Pancake and Champagne

Boarded the train at 7.24 this morning. Brought my daugther to the other side of our country, to Rotterdam, for her choir. Ate sachertorte with my brother and his partner at the station. After that I went to the Franciscan spiritual centre in Amsterdam to give a short introduction to my classes…and caught up in the troubles of an accident with a train. I was very worried that I should not arrive on time, very. Luckily I had brought the booklet of the centre with me and luckily they had written down all the ways to get to their centre. I could take another route, and I ended up having a quarter of an hour of time on my hands which I spent eating a pancake on the green before the centre, at a tribal festivity organized for children. Very moving actually. Children making a talking stick and all.

I did my little workshop, which was very interesting. It was about the Lovers, and the question each answered with a card was: What is your most important (meaning valuable) way of making contact. Often people their best way to make contact was also their weak point. For example: you are an empath with a great feel for people, but in that you loose yourself easily (problem of the people with Cups).

People who attended were dissapointed that all my classes were full, except one extra about Christmas. That is indeed a pity, but we really could not do more about it: two schedules to deal with, mine and that of the centre, and I live far away for Dutch standards.

It all ended with champagne in an enclosed garden in the sun, where I embarrassed myself in a big way. I had eaten pancake, sachertorte, and many slices of bread during the day. I did not feel hungry, but when I decided to leave after two glasses of champagne, and got up from my chair I almost fell over. I felt very embarrassed. Obviously the two glasses were too much. They gave bread and cheese (it was in a monastery, there was a kitchen) so I would arrive home safely. And I did. But not before I visisted the American Bookshop in the centre of Amsterdam, open till 20.00.

Home: 22.30.