September 28th, 2007

dancing around a tree by anandi

Sukkot, Miriam

To celebrate the holiday Sukkot I invite seven foremothers, Ushpizot, in my virtual sukkah blog. Today Miriam is my guest. Miriam leads the Jewish people in a dance when they had crossed the Red Sea safely. Her place on the Tree of Life is Geburah(Strength).

I wonder, what does Miriam teach me this Sukkot? 


Then Miriam the Prophetess, Aaron's sister,
took her drum in her hand,
and all the women followed her out,
with drums and dances. And Miriam sang to them ...
(Exodus 15:20-21)

I have pulled the World from the Tarot of Prague. On the card is a joyful, dancing woman depicted, just as Miriam. 


I have been very busy this week , I taught classes for four evenings in a row, and I am on the verge of a very busy weekend. I had a frightful dream this week, about the goddess as a flame, who burned herself out. That is my biggest fear, to burn myself out, not being up to being this busy. When I look at this card I think: “The woman cannot dance like that, she’ll trip over, just like I do all the time! She is far too free!”

But probably Miriam is saying: “Look back and dance, as I did after the crossing of the Red Sea. Look where you came from and where you are now: be grateful for all the typing you can do nowadays, for the people you meet in you classes, the fun and the teachings you give and receive. Pull yourself together in a gentle and gracious way. Dance and be grateful.”