October 24th, 2007

God met duif

Pumpkin Spread, Card 2: Trust

Today I pulled the second card of the Pumkin Spread.

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond?


I pulled the Ma’at Tarot from my little bag with titles as the deck that is best to use for the question which was: “What do you need to work hard on or work through? I have drawn Five of Coins as the answer to this question. 


The card is associated with the last quarter moon in Taurus. The theme of this card is healing. Two people who are at a sacred site hope that their prayers and offerings will help them in their lives. I am afraid I played this down a little bit. In the workbook is written that these petinioners hope miracles will result out of their prayers and offerings. We do not go for less do we!

Right now I am reading a book about Maria apparitions and healings brought on by her and I think the card responds to that. I bought the book cheaply in the American Bookshop and I love to read these stories before I fall asleep. They are slightly discomforting: “How can all these healings happen?” and “Oh dear would I be shocked if I saw a floating Maria!” It is a paradox. The stories comfort as well, reading that miracles do happen is strange but wonderful at the same time.

The card advises me that I need to work through what blocks my belief in the intervention from the Goddess or God. 

It relates to the first card in the following way: the first card addressed the need to temperary lift my rational mind (Qeen of Swords). One needs that to trust in the power of the sacred.