November 4th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Psychic Fair, Day 2

I have done another day on the wellness and psychic fair. I’ve read for 38 people today. I am exhausted now. I had put some ‘Olive’, a Bach-blossom in a bottle of water today to keep the tiredness away; that helped me a lot.

On a fair you become a little bit family with your neighbors. I already talked about one of them, the church lady. She massaged feet. I had also a very lovely neighbor on the opposite of me who did all sorts of things with faces and skins. On other side of me were two friends of each other with paintings and sculptures. I loved to have them next to me. Their bright paintings of flowers were much alike my big bunch of bright flowers on my table (plastic, but an eye catcher). But that was not the most important thing of loving having them next to me. The first time I met them on a fair a few years back, I only saw them from afar and really I looked up to them. They were so well dressed and modern and ‘of this world’ so to speak. I felt shabby in comparison to them with my grey backpack and orange blouse, but back then I already liked them. They make merry and fun. Now I got to know them better, standing next to them. We’ve had some profound talks and lots of laughs too. All in all, on a fair suddenly a whole world with all sorts of relationships comes to life, and it disappears again when it is six o’clock and the fair ends.

My daughter had missed me. I have been away for three days, starting with my trip to Amsterdam on Friday for the course on Psalm 119. She did not say she had missed me, but I felt she wanted my wholehearted attention. I always love to read for her before she goes to sleep. That helps her to put the day behind, and it helps me to put it behind me as well. Suddenly the spinning “wheel of fortune” character of the world seems far away then.