November 12th, 2007

new moon

Rosh Chodesh, November 2007

Yesterday, November 11th it was Rosh Chodesh. Ah well when I will have post this, it will probably be the day before yesterday; it is almost twelve o’clock. Rosh Chodesh is a Jewish holiday in which the new moon is celebrated when it appears as little silver line in the sky. Jewish mystics see the moon as the Sjechina, the feminine aspect of God, God’s presence in the world. As the moon wanes, the Sjechina disappears into exile. When she returns again Gods presence on earth is renewed.

I love seeing the new moon this way, as the renewal of God’s presence in the world. God’s renewal inspires us to renew ourselves.

I am a day late, but the moon is still young. Starting out with a blessing of God for the appearance of the moon, I picked a card with the question what can I renew this month, this cycle of the moon. I picked the deck I used from a collection of deck titles, and I pulled the Jane Austen Tarot to work with.

Dear God, I bless you for the new moon,
for the Sjechina, for your dwelling among us.
Dear God, I bless you for the possibility of renewal,
the renewal of you and the renewal of us.

The card that I pulled as an answer to what I can renew this month is Strength. Depicted are Henry Crawford and Fanny from Mansfield Park. Henry represents passionate power (the lion on the RWS version) and Fanny a spiritual, inner power (the lady on the RWS card). 


I think the card relates to my conflict in working and being there for my family, because that is a conflict at the moment. The promise -or challenge- of the card is that I will be able to bring some harmony in that conflict, a balance between the two.