November 13th, 2007


Wheel of Fortune, Third Time Around

Again the Wheel of Fortune this evening, for the third time now. It was a wonderful evening. Lady Fortune granted us abundance. Joy and laughter and a few tears.

To my shock I had forgotten to say in this group that not all the spreads in the lesson of the Hermit were required as homework. That meant that all in all they had pulled at least forty cards, maybe more. In all groups there were people who had done that, but that was because they had time and energy, not because they thought it was required. Luckily the group did not mind very much.

Two of the participants -friends- had done something interesting. They had answered all the positions of a spread with one card. To their surprise it worked well and it broadened their perspective on the card they had pulled immensely; they saw many more details on the card.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini (1850-1817)

Today I have pulled a card inspired by the Saint of the day. It is St. Francis Xavier Cabrini (1850-1817), the first American Saint to be canonized. As a young girl St. Francis had fallen in the river and this event made that she was terrified of drowning. Yet she crossed the ocean thirty times, because she had to as the foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

The question for which I pulled a card is: What do I fear the most? 


I have drawn the Spear Maiden from the Arthurian Tarot. This maiden runs swift and carefree through the wood. I have a muscle tear in my left leg, due to a fall. Often I have pain in my left feet because other muscles and tendons must partly take over the function of that muscle, but are not created to do that. I have a fear of falling and twisting my ankle again, and as a result of that having this pain all the time and more importantly not being able anymore to walk for long stretches. I do not know if this is my biggest fear, but it is a fear that accompanies me all the time, because I am walking, and standing a lot, thus the risk of falling is always there.  

Inspired by: Woodeen Koenig-Bricker, 365 Saints, Harper San Francisco, 1995.