November 14th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Blessing of the Day

I’ve pulled a card for my blessing of the day; the day that is almost lying behind me now. I’ve drawn the Empress from the Voyager Tarot. I have never find her an easy Empress; her arms are not welcoming. Today though I like her. 


I developed a spread today about the angel of December for on my website. It took time to catch the flavor of the month, to streamline it with the angel and to create something with some sense out of that. The ideas did not flow without effort. So I stepped back and made a walk into town to create distance and let my mind wander. Normally I just stress on. I remember now the supervisor of my Ph.D thesis told me to do just that a long time ago. “Take distance!” he said. I found that difficult to do. And If I was pressed for time think I could not have done it today as well, but it was not like that. I had the time. I must say, stepping back and relax worked well! I developed the positions of the spread while walking.

The Empress with her wide open arms -I see them different now, more welcoming- and her rich flowering landscape in which birds are nesting, illustrates the process of stepping back, the joy of having time and a bit of rest in which the ideas could come. This was my blessing of the day.