December 2nd, 2007

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Start of Advent

Today Advent starts. I take the eight bright lights of the Chanukah spread with me, together with the Shammash and plunge into Advent. 


I’ve decided to do a daily reading based on “A Prayer a Day for Advent”, written by Michael Daley. It is published on Prayers open up something, and I like a little bit of rhythm. I use a bunch of decks for this project.

Just as I did with Lent, I need to make an appointment with myself to stop if it is too intense, or if I do not like the prayers. I would be lovely to do something else some days, to work with paintings of the nativity for instance, or with carols. But well, it is a busy season. 
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First Sunday of Advent

On the first day of Advent of Advent almost all lectionaries have chosen texts that prelude the Last Judgment. No little sweet Jesus here; it is the end of times what it is about, and on never knows when that arrives. The focus in the reading of the Gospel (Matthew 24: 36-44) is on being ready for the Messiah because he can come unexpectedly, on any moment. One needs to “stay awake” for the arrival of the Messiah.

I’ve picked a card with the question. “How to stay awake for the arrival of the Messiah?” 


I pulled Nine of Crystals (Swords) from the Voyager Tarot, called Narrowness. The card represents the state of mind of the Hermit, and advises to focus on what is most important for me to achieve. It promotes single-minded discipline and suggest to the straight and the narrow, and to go deep. Thus, my mind should not waver from what I find important in order to stay awake for the Messiah. 
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