December 12th, 2007

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Today I have another question about “The Adoration of the Shepherds” by Nicolas Poussin. Why would there be shepherds in the surroundings of Jesus? One view is that Jesus cares about them because of their status as outcasts. Another view is that Jesus is a shepherd himself; the shepherds being present in the stable right after his birth, sent by angels, accentuate this. 


I pondered long if I could ask this question, I don’t know were it will bring me, even if it will bring me somewhere, but I wonder, how am I a shepherd? Using the Jane Austen Tarot again, I received Temperance as an answer. 


Pictured are Emma Woodhouse and Jane Fairfax from the book Emma. The two characters are different. The one is Yin, introvert and delicate, the other is Yang, extravert and vital. Here Emma reaches her hand out to the Jane. Behind the women is a painting on which an angel looks down on them and shows an open hand to each one.

I am a shepherd at the times I accept and see the different kinds of people as they are, as different as yin and the yang and at those moments I give each space to breathe. I am also a shepherd at the times that I understand that they behave as they do because of their wounds. For myself I am a shepherd a the moments I speak up and say what I feel about and issue, something I find hard. That feels as if I meet my opposite side. It does even feel not feel shepherd-like at all, but it is, because then I give myself space to breathe.