December 18th, 2007

many hands


I am terribly busy. My blog to which I am always so faithful is feeling the pressure now. I am skipping days. The problems is Christmas, the Christmas cards and Christmas concerts and the Twelve Days that make it so busy. It is all extra.
The lovely thing about Christmas is the supermarket. I love walking through it right now (Albert Heyn, for the Dutch). They have incredible and delicious food. Wonderful deserts, already in glasses, and little things that you can eat as a starter. Walking through it is sheer joy.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Tuesday, Third Week of Advent

Today I have pulled a card inspired by a prayer for Advent. Jesus tells often that holiness is all around us, everyday. Although it is lovely to go to sacred places; the sacred is intertwined in all of our life.

The prayer is: "Lord, help me to look close at hand for your revelation."

The card I pulled as a response to this prayer is Four of Wands from the Inner Child Cards. On this card four faeries are preparing the soil for planting. 


I can look for Gods revelation where people do their tasks -whether it is mothering or working in the post-office (very busy place right now)- with attention, care and love. This is one of the ways people prepare for Gods Kingdom to come. And in preparing it is there already.