December 26th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Twelve Days of Christmas, the First Day, Boxing Day

This morning I lighted a pink candle in honor of the first day of the Twelve Days.

The last six days of the old year and the first six days of the new year are called The Twelve Days. These days are needed to adapt the sun-calendar to the moon calendar. Each of these days has its own theme and all help to get us through the days in which we end the old year and start a new.

The sun in this time of year is far away from us. It sleeps in the arms of Mother Night, and will by her nourishment grow stronger every day. There are many stories of divine children –sun children so to say- that are born in this dark time of the year. They reflect the young sun that has started a new round: Dionysus and Jesus are two examples of them. These divine children are special. We lay our hopes on them. All of these children are at one point of their lives in danger of being murdered, but always they are protected and miraculously saved. On this first day of the Twelve days the theme is protecting what is young and vulnerable in us, because what is young and vulnerable might be in danger of being murdered by another part in us.

There are five positions in the spread, and I post two cards of it, for reasons of length. 

Protecting What is Young and Vulnerable 
1.Who you are now in your situation;
2.What is young and vulnerable in your life or in yourself;
3.How to nourish and protect this;
4.What happens if what is vulnerable (card 2) is nourished and protected;
5.Who you are then in your situation.

I’ve read the first card, “Who am I now in my situation?”, and the second card, “What is young and vulnerable in my life or in myself? ”. I have pulled my cards from the Inner Child Cards and I have drawn Seven of Wands as my first card. 


The seven of Wands card is the healing card in the Inner Child Cards. The little fairy sits in a flower and seeks healing. The cards tells me that I am in need of healing. The second card that shows what is young and vulnerable in me is “The Fairy Godmother” (the High Priestess). 


This card shows me what is in need of healing. The Fairy Godmother holds a key in her hand. Somehow I have lost the key to my inner self, to my inner wisdom. The card reflects my dream of last night; the dreams in the Twelve Nights are important. In this dream I wanted to take a tram in a city, but could not find a map (a key) of the stations it would go through. 
bird snow

Christmas Card

One of the most lovely cards for Christmas we have received this year was a photo from a bird in a basket. 


On the backside the people who sent the card told that on a rainy Sunday this bird had flown against a windowpane and had been wounded. They had had a little time to nurse it back and to their suprise after some hours it had flown away. The anecdote ended by wishing us a good 2008.
It was the attention for what is weak, ill and vulnerable, seeing that as the message of Christmas and as the wish for the New Year, what took me in for this card.
I almost never meet the people who sent it, but on the day before Christmas I passed them by bike doing my last Christmas shopping half an hour before the shops closed, and I could thank them for it.