December 27th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dreams in the Twelve Days of Christmas

Dreams are important in the "Twelve Days of Christmas", or in the "Thirteen Holy Nights" as the followers of Steiner call this period.

I dreamt that in order to escape from a dangerous man I jumped in a deep canal with black water. I also dreamt that I killed a fetus that was with me in a womb, feeling very guilty about this upon waking. The theme of the Twelve Days of yesterday protecting the vulnerable, the coloring of the Ace of Sword with its penetrating Sword and the grayish, blackish background brought these dreams on. They helped me recognize my fear for violence, the violent parts in me, and my instincts for survival.   


coen_wessel dreamt that a colleague of him preached on a corner using little objects that she showed. When he woke up he decided to use some objects in a burial service of a mentally retarded woman, possesions that were important to her. The power of dreams! 
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Twelve Days of Christmas, Second Day, St. John

This second day of the Twelve Days of Christmas is dedicated to John the Evangelist. To John the notion of light is important, the trust that darkness will never conquer the light. Right now, them moment of the year that the days are short and the nights are long, we are forced to make our own light and share it, conquering the darkness. This morning I lighted a white candle to celebrate this second day, the same candle that I used in the workshop about the Twelve Days.


The spread of this day, the “Light - Spread” is meant to make us aware of the special unique light and quality that is in each of us and that we give to others.

Light - spread
The spread consist of three cards.
1.My unique quality. Interpret this card always in a positive way.
2.How I experience this quality. Be aware of the fact that sometimes one’s most unique and special quality might feel as a burden.
3.How I share this quality.

I have pulled the Seeker of Hearts, the Knight of Cups, from the Inner Child Cards as the first card, the card that represents my unique quality. 


The figure of the Seeker of Hearts is based upon the Tin Man from the Wizard of Ozz. The Tin Man searches his heart, and the Seeker of Hearts does the same. He finds his heart by experiencing that he feels for and cares about his friends.

My unique quality is having a heart, feeling empathy.

That quality feels to me as magical, I have pulled the Wizard, the Hierophant, for the second card, the card that shows how I experience this quality. But it brings me challenges and conflicts as well. Setting and keeping boundaries for example is difficult to me, and I am easily manipulated by sad stories. 


My third card, that showes how I share this quality, is symbolized by Alice in Wonderland, The Wheel of Fortune in this deck.


I share this quality by making people happy, and by bringing them to their centre, to what is important to them in the merry-go-round of life.