December 29th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Holy Innocents Day

This postcontinues my earlier post about Holy Innocent Day, the spread about mourning. This morning I have pulled the other cards in the spread. The image meant to comfort me in my mourning, which was not being able to bring projects and issues to a closure, is the Guide of Crystals, based on the Figure of Santa Clause. Is not that a lovely card to receive in this time of year? 


Twelve Days of Christmas, Fourth Day, Feast of Fools

This day, the fourth of the Twelve Days of Christmas, is called the Feast of Fools. The theme of this day is derived from Saturnalia, a festival from the Romans. In this festival the social order was reversed: masters served slaves. It relieved slaves from the tension of their roles for a few days and at the end of these days every one was happy to go back to the normal order. In the Middle Ages in England from December 6 to January 6 the bishop was replaced by a choir boy, also a reversal of the normal order.

The spread of today is called “Spread of the Fool”. It invites to look at your problems in a new, different, fresh, unexpected, foolish way.
There are three cards in the spread and they are obtained in a foolish way. This ishow:
1.Find the Fool in your deck (when you do that the Fool in you gets your attention).
2.Put it back somewhere.
3.Shuffle the cards.
4.Look through the card and search the Fool, but be careful, do not lift the card out of the deck. The card that is on the backside of the Fool is the origin of the problem and is card 2. Card 1 is the card in the front of the Fool (the picture side). That is the card the Fool is heading for; he is, so to speak, walking towards that card. This card shows the problem that the Fool invites you to solve in a in a foolish way. The Fool is card 3 (and is in the middle).
So, there are three cards in the following order:
Card 1, on the left, is the problem the Fool is heading for, the problem that must be solved in a foolish way, card 3 in the middle is the Fool himself and card 2, on the right, is the origin of the problem.
I you want to, you can draw an extra card, number 4, to show you what is a foolish way to solve your problem.

For reasons of length I post my cards pulled in this spread in a next entry.

Twelve Days of Christmas, Fourth Day, Feast of Fools

These are my cards pulled in the spread of the Fool, celebrating the Feast of Fools in the Twelve Days of Christmas. There are four cards in the spread.
Card 1, the problem the Fool is heading for, the problem that must be solved in a foolish way,
Card 2, the origin of the problem
Card 3, the card of the Fool
Card 4, a foolish way to solve your problem (this card belongs on top of the Fool, showing a bit of the Fool Card).

For card 1, the card the Fool is walking towards and that represents my problem, I have pulled Five of Crystals from the Inner Child Cards. 


On the card a gnome fits a circle on a mandala that is meant to protect the house. All the while he is whistling. This card shows a problem: combining home and work and other things I like to do.

Card 2 that shows the origin of the problem is Nine of Swords. 


I feel fenced in by the problem, and I might make it bigger than it is in reality; I know I do.

Card 3 is the Fool, represented by Little Redcap, enjoying her walk through the woods, with the wolf lurking around a tree. I am not showing this card.

As card 4 I have drawn the Fairy Godmother, the High Priestess. That is the second time around I've pulled this card in these Twelve days. 


The High Priestess in this deck is a motherly High Priestesses, a combination of the Empress and the High Priestess. Funny is that The Fairy Godmother embodies the problem I am facing: to combine the secluded High Priestess tasks with the motherly Empress. That is a funny and fitting on this Day of Fools in which games are played. And it adds depth to the reading of the first of the Twelve Days, in which she represented what is young and vulnerable.

The Fairy Godmother invites me yet again to find and use the key to my wisdom and my inner compass, reminding me not making the problem bigger than it is by waving my magic wand at it.