January 16th, 2008

shrouded crucifix

Faith and Fabric

This evening my husband Coen and attended a meeting in a shop for textile. We want organize a course in the parish about faith and fabric and the meeting took place in this shop, surrounded by fabrics, which was lovely. The owners are members of the congregation, and the other participants had created baptism-shirts with my husband as artists. I often wish to have something concrete in my courses, a symbol for the end of a process. For instance, in the course about Psalm 119, it would be lovely to choose a bead for each card. We have wonderful beading shops in the big cities Holland. So often I have been to these shops to look if I really wanted to make that a part of the course. I decided against it, because I was afraid it would become too intense, and besides that, beads cost money, and it is not really something made by yourself. I think something made from fabric by the participants is just what I am looking for. I hope this course combining textile and faith will succeed.