January 17th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


I have been busy, even extremely busy, in the past few days. Again no card today from the spread about the Presentation in the Temple. I need to do many things, and many little things. I teach less (because of me being a mother) but the pressure is still on. At the moment I need to take many things with me to my classes, or presentations. I need to take care that my material is printed in the Copy shop, and I must buy things or search for them in the house (handkerchiefs for sachets, aquarel drawing pencils, scissors, aquarel paper, sharpeners, cards, flowers, and more, depends on the event). I did not sleep too well for a few days, and now all my muscles hurt.

Today I bought little -and light, cannot have too much luggage- music instruments for the workshop about Candle mass in Belgium. That was a joyful undertaking. I did not plan too, I just passed the shop and thought that it would really fun to have them. I hope to make a routine of using them in workshops.

This morning I have done a reading with the Samurai Tarot with tinkelbelletje. It spoke; it really did. It would be interesting to write a review on this deck. No time though.