January 24th, 2008

heart candle

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“When humanity fills the heart, when its gentleness renders susceptible its thoughts and feelings, the softest breath of God’s Spirit can bend it earthward to help the needy, and downward to supplicate and welcome heaven’s grace. But when it is frozen through and through with pride, it coldly resists the overtures of mercy, and in its deadness is apathic even to the storm of death.”
George C. Lorimer (1838-1904),

My theme for today is: "when gentleness fills my heart". I have pulled Three of Vajras (Three of Swords in the RWS). 


The card represents pain and suffering. Gentleness gives me pain. “Through suffering” Michael Place explains in the book along the deck, “One learns to empathize with the suffering of others. In this light, suffering is love.” That is undeniable. True is also that the call of suffering hurts.