January 26th, 2008

bed by semyaza


I picked a card from the Buddha Tarot to look back on my day. This morning, walking to a tram stop, I got sick and I am ashamed to say, I’ve vomited on the sidewalk. My stomach was suddenly upset. It was early, so there were not many people that saw it. Happily we got the tram stop in time, but the experience stayed with me all day and the feeling of nausea was often not far away. I skipped all the chocolates and lovely muffins, just to be sure. And so comes that I receive this man: The Invalid – The Suffering Man (Hanged Man) who is clearly not well with all his red spots. How right on top for this day. 


The card shows one of the famous four sightings of Siddhartha in which he encountered human suffering which made him want to find a cure. Michael Place says in the book about the deck that this card shows that ‘dukkha’, the experience of being “off center” or “not right”, usually translated as suffering, belongs to ordinary life. Ah well, this was my experience today.

Of course that card plays a game with me too... I did overreact a little bit. I was not that sick as the man on the card.