January 28th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


Last year I have pulled each day of Lent a card with a theme from a bible text. Today I have pulled a card about the subject ‘which way to go’ in the period of Lent. I’ve drawn Ten of Cups, called Passion, from the Voyager Tarot. 


The card is as its title: passionate. That means I will be very involved in it. Last year the process was passionate. I would not have missed it at all. It gave me many, many things. I got insight in unhealthy attitudes for instance. But it was very tiring. So, what to do with this card as a recommendation? Hmmm. I think I take it to heart. Lent without passion is nothing at all. I'll go there where my passion leads me then. 

This card was the final card I pulled last year during Lent. It was the card of Easter, not strictly Lent, but the final card I pulled in that period. It’s subject was the story of Mary Magdalene in the garden in which she meets Jesus after he is dead. I identified with Mary Magdalene in this story. The moment when she turns from the grave she sees that Jesus is alive. I asked what made me (as Mary Magdalene) turn? As an answer I had pulled Ten of Cups, titled Passion. 


In a certain sense passion is life, the throbbing of our hearts, the blood that runs through our veins. Choosing for life, leaving the tomb behind her, is what me –as Mary Magdalene– did turn. That is a good start for Lent.