January 31st, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Eve of Brigitte

Tonight is an auspicious night. It is the night before Brigitte’s day, which is February 1. In Ireland and in other countries nowadays it is in some circles custom to hang a cloth outside, that will be blessed by Brigitte during the night. The cloth can be used during the year for healing. The photo is from a cloth in Canada. We started a new dream course this evening. This evening I told the story of Brigitte, picked a card with the question “What heals me”, as a focus for our dream work and we made a dreamsachet, with (kitchen) herbs, a crystal, wishes on pieces of a handkerchief en essential oils. It was a great evening, very special. People shared, received important cards and filled their dream sachets with great care. We started out with the part about Brigitte and the cloth -because that opens you for irrationality and the unconscious- and that was strange for them, and well, it is something awkward, but nice.

Tonight I ask Brigitte for healing. My question this evening is the following. What will Brigitte heal in me, or in my life? 


I’ve picked my card from the Tarot of the Buddha and the card I received is Four of double Vajras (Four of Cups). Pictured is a boar, that is also pictured in the center of the Wheel of Life. This pig represents sloth and ignorance, and is seen as poison in Buddhist thought. Intelligence and energy are the opposites of this virtue. I am tired, I feel sluggish, and heavy, too responsible for the way things are going – but I had a lovely evening, so that is a good start for something different. Here is my prayer to Brigitte.

Please heal what is not balanced in me.
Open my eyes to see for what I am ignorant.
Bless me with your life giving water,
so that what is stagnant will flow again.
Bless me with your fire,
that I feel light sparkling in me.
Let me walk in your footsteps
in which flowers spring.