February 5th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


A Candlemas feeling overcame me today. I have put down the last Christmas decorations. Rudolph the Reindeer –a present from my daughter– was still there, standing silently, its lights out. And all our Christmas cards were still in the hall. The story is that goblins come for each needle that is there after Candlemas. So I really needed to take everything down.

I also did the Candlemas reading from Christine Jette’s Tarot for all Seasons. I love this reading and I love this festival dearly. But I was disappointed in the deck I used,the Animals Divine Tarot. I must promise myself never to use it again for these occasions. The cards make me tired.

I show two cards from the spread here. The first one is pulled for the position of ‘Strength’. For that I have pulled Two of Swords. The card shows something which I need to confront to get strong. Without going into details about my situation, the card shows me as a sparrow that feels itself entangled, not able to fly up and soar the heavens. To feel strong again, I need to rise up above the situation I am entangled in, find a constructive manner to deal with the situation. 


The other card I show here is the card for the position which shows what needs healing in order to obtain the desired strength of card 1. Three of Pentacles, which shows a tiger stepping into the water, showed me this. The message for me is that I should be more direct in my situation. 


It is interesting that to be able to fly up, I need to go down, step in to the water. 

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Weaving Brigit's crosses

Yesterday my mother was here and we practiced making Brigitte’s crosses, one of the activities that we did not have time for in the weekend workshop I taught last week. 


Traditionally they are made from wet straw. My way is making them from long thin strips cut from handkerchiefs rolled through my fingers to make them look like straw, and to weave them more easily. My mother found it difficult to make then that way, and the result was not great as well. A new method we tried is wetting the strokes before weaving them and not rolling them. That gave a lovely result, but… the process was too frustrating to use it in a group. The tiny strokes are difficult to handle, making them wet did not help. My mother will search for ready-made strips from textile. Maybe that works better. I am not needing them now, so plenty of time. 
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Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Shrove Tuesday

On this Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent starts, I have picked a card alongside a poem. 

The Desert Waits (an invitation to Lent)

The desert waits,
ready for those who come,
who come obiedient to the Spirit’s leading;
or who are driven,
because they will not come any other way.

The desert always waits,
ready to let us know who we are –
the place of self- discovery.
and whilst we fear, and rightly,
the loneliness and emptiness and harshness,
we forget the angels
whom we cannot see for our blindness,
but who come when God decides
that we need their help;
when we are ready
for what they can give us.

Ruth Burgess (From Eggs and Ashes, Wild Goose Publications)

The subject for my card is: “When the angels come to help me”. I have pulled Art (Temperance) from the Voyager Tarot. 


The angels come to my aid when I need to find a new way in life. They also come when I need to let go of old, wore out structure. They come when I feel imprisoned in my responsibilities and help me to find ways to ease up, make things lighter. They help me see things in a new light, each day again.