February 7th, 2008

new moon

Rosh Chodesh, January

The card that I pulled for the previous new moon was Ace of Candlesticks (Ace of Wands). 


I remember that when I pulled this card I felt overwhelmed by the color red. I had the card pulled with the question: "What can I renew this month?" The theme of the previous Jewish month was 'renewal'. That theme applied to me. What I had too much and too little of this last month was energy. I had so many things in my head that I had to do, that during one of the weeks of this month I slept very bad. I turned and tossed, could not let go of my energy. I thought it would be over when I had finished my to-do-list. To my horror it was not over. I still lay awake to 3.30, 4.00 o'clock in the morning. I did not understand it at all. I was afraid I had a burned-out. I am used to sleep badly, but this was different. The solution was an extra dose of the homeopathic remedy I was using at the time. It had a remarkable effect: in an hour I felt better and it helped for my sleeping enormosly. To be honest, people still say that I look tired, and I am. But I sleep better now!                      
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Rosh Chodesh February, Adar

The card that I have pulled for this new moon is the Devil from the Jane Austen Tarot. I pulled it asking the question: “What can I renew this month?” 


The card is based on Lady Susan, and she is depicted at the centre of the card. She holds down her daughters Frederica’s neck, and on the other side a young man, James Martin, stares romantically at lady Susan. Lady Susan is a scheming, manipulating woman who has an enormous amount of self-pride. She is also charming and charismatic.

The Jewish month that starts with the New Year is the month of Adar. The energy of this month is joy. This is an auspicious time for bringing joy in our lives. I do not know what opportunities await me with this card.