February 13th, 2008

the letter M

Wednesday, First Week in Lent

In order to enter the Kingdom of God, says Jesus in the gospel of John, one must be born from Spirit. Today I have asked the tarot: “How am I a woman of Spirit?” The card that I received as an answer is Seven of Swords from the Llewellyn Tarot. 


I pulled this card this morning and I am thinking about it all day; I did not really grasp the particular meaning from this card for me in my situation, but I think I have got it now.

On the card an old man walks away from tents with a bag full of swords on his back. I see the swords as conflicts or material for conflicts. I am taking them out of town, possibly because I do not see any conflict, or harm in them, or because I need an open non-confrontational atmosphere in which other levels can be touched. By taking the swords away, I am a woman of Spirit. Often I scold myself for my careful approach, but here I am praised for that. 

For now, this is enough.