February 20th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Wednesday, Second Week in Lent

Just as the day before yesterday I have pulled a card that I am not sure I understand. I read the story of the sick man at Betheseda. In that place is a pool. The one who is the first in the water when the water ripples, is cured of his illness. The sick man is never fast enough to be the first at the pool. Jesus cures him. He says to him: “Stand up and walk!”, and that is what he does.

My question was: “How can I get up and walk?”. I have received the card “Confusion”, Six of Crystals from the Voyager Tarot. 


The past two weeks I did not had a deadline to work towards. It has been a long time ago that that happened that way. I liked it. But now I am on the verge of planning a new course for next year, in addition to the ones that are in my mind already. I feel unrest, thinking that I need to start preparing for next season, especially with the extra new idea that came up. But I think this highly creative card suggests that I should try to free float some more, not being productive just now; do as I like.

Thing is, you should not say that being in a state of confusion, as on the card, is alik to ‘stand up and walk’ which is fairly straight forward and goal-oriented. I am not sure my interpretation is right on, but free-floating is certainly something that is difficult for me. It is not as difficult as curing the man of the story, but still difficult. I do not yet even know if I can resist the pressure –my own pressure- to get started. ‘Working hard’ and needing that is an old pattern that I have journaled (and complained) about often.