February 21st, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Thursday, Second Week of Lent

I am still not content with my interpretations of Four of Wands, the card I pulled a few days earlier and Six of Crystals, yesterdays’ card. Not encouraging for drawing another one.

The passage from John I read today was about the Last Judgment, in which de dead are called and come out of their graves. I have asked the question: “What calls me to life?”

The card I have pulled is Spear Five (Five of Wands). I ‘know’ this card (who does not). It is a card of struggles, challenges and hardship. 


Once, in an astrology class I to had imagine the Second House in my horoscope, the house of possessions, worth and self worth. My pars fortunae (point of happiness) is situated in this house. In my imagination I raised up from a neat rectangular grave, in the middle of a green. I was tired, and I had had many struggles and challenges, but I went through them, and was alive. This has made a big impression on me, and taught me that I could endure and transform. Hardship challenges me to overcome them, and experiencing that I am still alive.

On another level hardships and challenges are calling me to life because they belong so strongly to life. Hardship is not the only thing in life, there is joy and happiness, but you cannot be a human being without experiencing suffering and without meeting death.