February 23rd, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Saturday, Second Week in Lent

As on many days during this Lent I have read a passage in John. The question I have asked the tarot about this passage was: “How can receive life by Jesus?”
I’ve read with the Tarot of the Secret Forest and I have received Five of Cups. I was glad to receive this card. Sometimes I can feel tied to situations or persons or groups, feeling loyal and not wanting to disappoint and hurt them… and not being liked anymore. That feeling of being bound burdens me at the moment in several situations. This card helped me to realize it more and it give me the suggestion of cutting the cords, to feel free to do what I think is best, and what I prefare - thereby probably feeling uncomfortable, but is how Jesus can give me life right now. 


Being caught up in these ties too much was my penance on Ash Wednesday. I almost cried reading it again. And now I understand the card Confusion from the Voyager Tarot -one of the cards I did not understood last week- also. I was confused between me and the other or the others. The question then was: "How can I get up and walk?" (like the sick man at the pool in Batseba)? I know By breaking ties, not confusing me and the other(s).