February 24th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Sunday, Third Week of Lent

Tarot, it never fails to surprise me. I’ve pulled the Sacred Rose Tarot to work with today. I own this deck for three days, since Friday, and I just heard the voice of the creator of the deck on a webcam conference. I knew she would be in the conference, but I thought this conference was on Friday and that I had missed it, but well, I did not. This card was the first I pulled from this deck.

The passage I have read today came from Mark and was about the ‘unclean’ spirits Jesus drives out from a madman, who is cured by that. The question for the tarot was: “What is uncontrollable in me and do I want to drive out?” 


I am afraid this blog is an endless repetition of my repeating unhelpful patterns. I have pulled Seven of Pentacles. The man on the card does not stop and wait for the growth that is there, but just walks on and sews, but not in the right season. What is uncontrollable in me is my impatience. It is hard for me to stop when a project is not as I want it to be. This is very much an issue at the moment when working on my website, stopping while it does not work yet, or when it is not yet perfect. This uncontrollable force is really dangerous for my arms. When I leafed through the deck my eye was already caught by this card. I found the man looking as an ill willing magician, a devil of some sorts – which is this habit for me.  
pretty lady

Lent on Website

This and this is what I have made for my website. Bible passages with pictures and a question to ask the tarot for each day in Lent. Although I meet my shadow while doing it and need to conquer it, I am proud of the result! 


This is the painting I used for the 'button' to click on to go to the page with the different weeks of Lent (on the bottom). I love it. It is sweet..
bed by semyaza

Whooping Cough

Our daughter is coughing all the time. One of the children in her class has caught the whooping cough. On Saturday her coughing got worse and worse. The whooping cough has a long incubation time. Once you recognize it, it is too late for antibiotics and there is nothing you can do against it with traditional medicine. But the worst then has yet to come, cough attacks while grasping for breath. Today (on Sunday!) I have called the homeopath. She was there, and she prescribed her another remedy (she already had one for coughing). She is still coughing badly, but we worry less now.