April 1st, 2008

winter rose

Blessing of the Day

I find it difficult to interpret my blessing of this day. I’ve pulled Seven of Swords from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. 


To me it looks if the man plants his sword, as if I made a mark. The man plants it outside the city. Today I made again a spread about a story from scripture for on my website, again about an appearance. I found a way to explore these stories with cards, next to the connection to the seekers life. I have made spreads now about all the three appearances of Jesus after his death. The page “New”, with links to them is full of them. It looks as if I am going out of town, away from the secular city. I do not know if I like the blessing. Where am I going? I can always turn back of course, or take a side path to wicca for a while. 

It also feels as if I made the spread in secret, because of the pain in my arms. Secrecy is one of the usual interpretations of this card. That I have made this spread is not really a secret, I’ve pestered my husband enough with my thoughts about it, but it feels as if I am not allowed to do it. I still made my mark!