April 4th, 2008

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My blessing of the day was Five of Cups from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, a card of emotional loss and grief. I postponed my involvement in an organization with many troubles and conflicts. I was not part of any of them, I am an outsider, but it affected me and my work. It is sad, but the card is meant as a blessing.  

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Blessing of the Day

My blessing of the day was the King of Coins from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. The King is me, showing one of the Major Arcane cards that belong to the course of Psalm 119, the cards from the Magician to the Chariot. I forgot the standard to put them on, so I held them in my hands. 


It is the third time I teach this course about each individual spiritual road. In the course the first seven stanzas of Psalm 119 (an alphabet psalm) are connected with the first seven Major Arcane cards, starting with the Magician and the Hebrew letters, beginning with Alef. Each verse and each stanza is seen as a step on a spiritual road.

We sat in a big room at a round table this time, really close to one another, what was great. Next time we sit somewhere else, but it is nice that we had this the first time. In this group are several people who are acquainted with the Hebrew letters. For several people it was the first time that they read the a card. They had new decks, all the cards in cellophane. It is such a special moment to read the first card. Two people in the group, who knew the tarot longer, remembered which first card they had drawn, and reflected on their processes back them, and how that differed from the card they had pulled now. It was again a very enthusiast group.

Until now I always took the time to tell how to bring in their homework. They have only about 3 minutes for that, maybe 4, so very little time… So it is important to prepare for that. Ah well, I will build in a little time for seeking out what they want to say about it.