April 11th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

A Tiny Aperture of Light - Zohar

My question of today is inspired by the Zohar.
At that time, He will first open for them a tiny aperture of light, then another somewhat larger, and so on until He will throw open for them the supernal Gates which face on all the four quarters of the World… For we know that when a man has been long shut up in darkness it is necessary, on bringing him into the light, first to make for him an opening as small as the eye of a needle, and then one a little larger, and so on gradually, until he can endure the full light…So too, a sick man who is recovering cannot be given a full diet all at once, but only gradually.
The Zohar  (cited in Andrew Harving and Anne Baring, The Mystic Vision)

My question was, what is the opening of light for me? The card that I have drawn is Prydwen from the Arthurian Tarot (Chariot). 


This ship, from the Arthur traditions brings us to the underworld, the deeper areas of the unknown. Prydwen shows us how to stay on course, how to trust our inner compass; how to trust our own determination and courage as well as the current that impels our journey. So, for me there is light in trusting where the current is leading me, and while I am doing that, in trusting my inner compass. I need to steer my wheel in the current in the best possible way.