April 13th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Seven Caers, Card 1, True Voice

Yesterday I pulled the Chariot from the Arthurian Tarot. In “Hallowquest. The Arthurian Tarot Course” is a spread mentioned that belongs to this card. It is called “Reading of the Seven Caers”. Cears are towers on the cliff tops at the see. For each tower you pull a card.

This first card is pulled for the Tower of the Sea and represents your true voice; what you really saying within. I have drawn Grail Five (Five of Cups). 


On the card is a ship that has sailed out but is without wind now, the sail is slack. I am having a little ‘identity crisis’. I do not know what clothes I want to wear anymore. I am getting older and I cannot wear everything anymore, it just does not look good. Realizing that I get older feels as a loss, theme of the Five of Cups. Another thing is that I do not know what to journal about at the moment. I wish for a long project, but then, I get bored quickly.

Thus, my true voice is saying that I am stuck in the middle of the water without wind. I remember being very afraid of ‘drowning’ (in my fears) last year when I pulled the six of swords time after time (there is a boat on it in many decks), but that is not the case right now. 

The theme was already there in the card of yesterday Prydwen (the Chariot), but hidden.

The energy of the month Nissan, the month of new beginnings, is working in me: No new beginnings and liberation without being stuck first.
bird with letter

Seven Caers, Card 2, Childhood

The second card of the reading of the Seven Caers represents the joy of my childhood: what I need to regain again. I have pulled Sword Eight from the Arthurian Tarot, a swamp, smelling water, no firm ground to stand on. Themes of this card are stagnation and imprisonment. I do not think I really understand its message.


What I do get out of it is that I need to regain joyfulness, a well of fresh water to drink from. 

For the second day I have pulled a card that refers to stagnation.