April 22nd, 2008

heart candle

Seven Caers, Card 7, Initiation

The last card in the spread of the Seven Caers represents the key to initiation: my next challenge. I tweaked the question and instead of my next initiation I pulled a card fro the challenge which faces me now. The card that I have drawn is Spear Hallow, Ace of Wands from the Arthurian Tarot. 


The Ace of Spears is a card full of forceful and spiralling energy. In this deck Spears symbolize wounding and healing. Spears heal in the sense that the fire, its element, has the ability to burn away what is not needed anymore. My challenge is now to wield my spear full of energy to come out of my stagnation, reclaiming boundaries that I have neglected, to find again my ‘lost identity’ and true direction, all the while using the sum of my life insights and of my creative instinct.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Psalm 119, Strength in the Middle

I am currently working on the next course of seven cards/letters/stanza’s from Psalm 119. The cards are from Strength to Temperance. Last week during a train ride I decided to follow the tradition of putting Strength at the eleventh place and Justice on eight. Corinne Heline does it and it is her book that inspired this course. Still, I was surprised about my decision, I like the balance of Justice in the middle, and I am very used to it. I cannot remember the reasons really well, but Strength fitted better in the middle somehow. I like having Strength in the middle of the Major Arcane for this course because its theme is important in religion. Following Pollack I see the middle cards of each level of 7 cards as challenge-cards, so this card needs to be a challenge. I want to do something with the theme of humbleness (woman) and greatness (lion). Often religion stresses humbleness, although in my view both are important. But I am not sure yet, why is it the woman that I see as the humble one, and does it grasp the card really? Need to think this more through.