June 1st, 2008


Workshop James Wanless

Who I am…
In the afternoon in the workshop with James Wanless about the Family Cards of the Voyager Tarot yesterday in Amsterdam, Face up I chose the Achiever, Man of Worlds (Knight of Pentacles, but different), for who I am. 


For me this card means almost exclusively working too hard, but it is also the card of being a pioneer, exploring new fields of knowledge. The card is related to the card that I pulled in the morning for my knowledge, Time-Space, that also is about the new and unexplored.

How other people see me…
After that we pulled a card for how other people saw us. 


I have drawn the Sage of Cups, the Regenerator. Other people see me as someone who replenishes what is dry and energizes what needs emotional vitality. 

It was wonderful to look at the cards as if they were new and hear others interpret them.