June 10th, 2008



I am working on a spread about the Child of Swords, Pinocchio (Page of Swords), a card from the Inner Child Cards. 


It is for a course, but now I am at it, I write a little bit about it. I can send the spread then with the written introduction to the Tarot Magazine. The theme for the next edition is the Page of Swords.

The card is about integrity. While working on the card I came into a situation in which I had to make a choice and it knew my choice would not be appreciated by everyone and I did not like to choose it too, having a different opinion than most others, making things difficult, maybe troubling relationships. But studying this card I thought: “I cannot do otherwise.” I cannot work on this card and at the same time betray myself. So I did it. It was not easy, but I hope it will sort itself out soon.