June 14th, 2008

life is what you make of it

Midsummer's Dream, Card 1

The days become longer and longer. It is almost Midsummer. I start today with the Midsummer´s Dream Spread from Tarot for all Seasons by Christine Jette. I use the Arthurian Tarot for the spread.

The first position of this spread is titled Freedom and Liberation. The question is: What will set my spirit free? What keeps me from my heart´s desire? The card I have drawn is Grail 6 (Cups). 


The card signifies a spring of the ancestors that is a healing place, but becomes intoxicating if you stay too long. I wonder, is this a place of intoxication or a place of healing? I think I need to leave there, I don´t like the autumn leaves flying in the air. 

I am looking back, not as far as the ancestors, but I do look back. At these times with my daughter leaving primary school I am thinking back about how I did not help out much in school because I could not do many things with my arms. That is sad, but I do wonder right now if I should have felt as useless, and a nobody, as I did. Looking back I wonder if the same holds true for more things. It could be true that I could have done more, or maybe even....that I can do more things right now than I do. It is a good thing taking stock like this, but I not for too long, because it makes me sad having missed experiences that I could have had if I had not felt so helpless and useless.