June 19th, 2008

tiffany angel met lamp

Midsummer's Dream, Card 4

The card that is propped up against my computer is pulled two days ago. I was too tired back then to interpret it. But or I stay too tired, or the card is too complicated for me. The card tells the future trends of the need for protection. It is difficult to look ahead. I have pulled the Grail Maiden (Page of Cups). She is the Seer of the Cups, and she bearer of the grail that she serves. She offers each seeker a drink from her cup. Purity, honesty and integrity is what comes to my mind seeing the card. She is raped as one of the daimsels of the well, and because of that the land did not bear fruit for a long time. 


The future trend might be that I need to protect what I do in life, protect it as something really valuable.