June 22nd, 2008

bird with letter

Midsummer's Dream, Card 6

The last card in the Midsummer’s dream spread is The Cauldron from the Arthurian Tarot. This card depicts “Future Trends in Psychic Development.” The card depicts the outcome of paying attention to my intuition, which is the probable outcome to my psychic development and a direct path to my heart’s desire. 


My last card was Spear Nine, the card for paying attention to my intuition, listening to my voice of wisdom. This spear on the card, that is me, is defensive and lonely, taking many blows of wind and rain. I like the outcome of it though, the card that I pulled here. I see this card as mixing of healing potions, combining all sorts of things that are not usually combined and I like that, although it frightenes me me too (that is were spear nine comes in).