June 30th, 2008

baba yaga

The Mouse, the Rooster and the Fly, Card 4: the Fly

This morning I have picked the card for the fly in the story about Colman, the Irish saint, who wants to follow Christ in the wilderness and who is helped by three animals. The mouse used to wake Colman at night for his prayers, the rooster woke him up each morning to save him from sloth and the fly walked down the page of the bible Colman was reading at the same pace as Colman did, to show him where he was. And when Colman looked up to reflect on what he read, he stayed at the same place, so Colman would know where to start again. I asked for the message of the fly for me.

I have pulled the Knight of Quills from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Frank Churchill is pictured on the card from the book Emma. It is my third card from this book in the spread. And Frank was there already in my last card, the message from the rooster (Five of Quills). Frank is the one Emma wants to impress with her unkind words to Miss Bates. Frank Churchill is secretly engaged to Jane Fairfax but flirts with Emma to make Jane jealous. The Knight of Swords is clever, has a great way with words, but he is calculating and unkind. 

Again a card of secrecy and dishonesty. I’ve pulled a calculating character with secrets, just as Mrs. Norris on my second card, although she was not in a position of power, whereas Frank Churchill is. The message of the dutiful, disciplined fly for me is that I should be less secretive, more open and less calculating in my religious beliefs. Trouble is, I do not know which are mine, and what they are anymore. Annoying animals, but that is what they are there for in the story.