July 8th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dream: Kitchen Sink

I worked on a dream today. The following is the dream.

“I dream that there is a new kitchen sink installed in my house. The water runs over the dresser and to the ground when I open the tap. I feel powerless, disappointed and angry.”

I worked with an image from this dream, that of the water that runs over the dresser to the ground. I associated on the image. My associations were: useless, joyless, sad, disappointed, futile.

I pulled a Major Arcane Card about the big process this image is about. This was the Emperor from the Universal Tarot. I was struck by the lifelessness in the card. It left like I feel right now. I am working and focused on getting my new courses done that I do not feel connected with something lively and spiritual anymore. 


Hence the card of “What to do?”: new found love, connecting with my feelings inside, near the place in my stomach were the cups are in the card and work from there.