July 17th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dark Goddess Spread Card 1, Salt and Water

I start a new spread today. It is the spread of the Dark Goddess, a spread for the waning moon by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for All Sesons. The spread is meant to put your life in perspective, to see the big picture and helps in finding your place in the web of life. 

The first position shows the area of my life in which I give away my power, the “soft spot” that I need to protect. The card either depicts or gives advise about the situation. I have pulled Temperance from the Fairytale Tarot. 


The card is about a princess who loves her father the king as much as salt and water. The kink despises her for that, and wants her to be killed. At the end of the story he has learned that mundane things as salt and water are the most important in life.

The card gives the advise to focus on the joy and meaning found in the little, mundane things of life. I need to protect this focus in order to stay happy.