July 18th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dark Goddess Spread Card 2: The Emperor's New Clothes

The second position of the Dark Goddess spread is about patience. It shows were to take it easy and allow things to happen in a natural circle cycle. It shows were I am “forcing” things. I’ve pulled Six of Wands from the Fairytale Tarot for this position. 


The card shows the naked emperor from the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The emperor thinks he has clothes on, but in fact he is naked. I do not understand the card. I've thought and thought, but I do not get a grip on it. Maybe the next card will clear things up.
tower, Getty

Dark Goddess Spread Card 3, Acceptance

Position three of the Dark Goddess spread is about acceptance. It shows what events, people or circumstances I want to control or influence. It indicates what I need to accept. I have pulled the Hanged Man from the Fairytale Tarot for this position. 


The fairytale is about a young man who is very clever and cunning and outsmarts everybody. In the end he dies. His wife, a princess, holds his ankles while he hangs from the bridge, but she lets him go because she heard someone say the palace is on fire.

The card tells I am pushing something what cannot be pushed. The card of the Hanged Man itself tells that acceptence is needed. Lifecycles, entering a new stage. That is what I want to control, but cannot control.