July 20th, 2008

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dark Godess Spread Card 5, Talking Horse

Position 5 in the Dark Goddess spread is called "Clairvoyance". It is inspired by the idea that the Crone – the dark Goddess – is the Goddess of Prophecy. The card pulled in this position shows how to develop psychic gifts. The card can either show thought patterns that hinder psychic development or advise how to nurture psychic gifts. The card that I pulled is Ten of Pentacles from the Fairytale Tarot. 


The fairytale on which this card is based is full of magic. There is a talking horse in it, a princess with power over the wind, and a handcherchief stained with blood drops of the mother of the princess that protects her daughter. The story is about this princess leaving home to set up her own household. Her mother tries to protect her with many gifts. Some turn out good, one turns out not so good and another gets lost. The magic of the girl saves her and she gets to marry the prince she was destined to marry.

I do not know what this card means regarding the issue of developing my psychic gifts. Probably the message is something as that I need to trust in the course of life more than I do: in the end the princess finds her place. There is something magical in believing that. The story is so full of magic that the card could also advise me to believe or have trust in magic than I do. I am not a great believer in magic, so that would nurture my psychic gifts.