August 8th, 2008

pink rose


I have been to a friend in Amsterdam today. She lives near the center I teach there, so I should know the way to her. I thought to take another train, and had to go out in another station (Amsterdam Zuid, for the Dutch, and then I took metro 50 to the Lelylaan). I walked the wrong way in a thunder storm. In the end her friend with whom she lives picked me up which was great. By then I was in the neighborhood, I began to recognize the buildings around me. 


My card was the Page of Cups from the Tarot of Prague, a card of new beginnings. The day felt like that. My friend is a Chi Neng instructor. Chi Neng could be a good thing for my muscles and the sounds in my ears. So she taught me some of it. It is something very odd. It is about connecting to all that is, while making an movement, and turn inwards after that, again in a movement, taking with you the Chi, the energy, that you get in the movement outwards. I felt very vulnerable doing it, which is a Page of Cups thing too, besides the new beginnings.

Allthough this card was pulled to show the theme of the day, I saw it also as recommendation to take my Chi Neng exercises lightly not as something really heavy. The Page of Cups is not a heavy duty boy.