August 15th, 2008

bed by semyaza


I felt extremely strange in my head today and was very tired as well. I’ve hanged a blanket in front of the window of my attic. The sun was too much for my eyes. I have taken a homeopathic remedy yesterday evening. If it helps the symptoms get worse first. So I already felt a bit strange, but now I felt stranger. The sun was already too much for me, but now I could not endure it any longer.

I have pulled a card with the question what would make me less tired. I have used the Tarot of Saints, because it was lying on my desk. I’ve drawn Nine of Swords. 


Nine of Swords can be about fears that are not realistic. What helps is put my mind at rest by not worrying about being tired. 
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Stretching Logic

The card that I received for: “Looking back on my day” is Seven on quills from the Tarot of Jane Austen. 


Depicted is Mrs. Morris from Mansfield Park putting fruits in her apron as if stealing them. This is me desperately trying to make something interesting from the mix of the Hebrew letter Shin with its Chassidic interpretation, the tarot card the World, and a stanza of Psalm 119. I’ve stretched logic for that. (I hope not too much.) 

No windows on this card. I worked in darkness, no bright light in my eyes. That was restful.